Dear Grade 6 & Grade 3.

Dear Grade 6.

You have no idea what's coming for you.  None.  Straighten the desks, clean off your white boards and sharpen your pencils.  He didn't sleep a wink last night and told me 4 times this morning how excited he was about today.  He'll walk into class like he owns the place, but without cockiness, just confidence.  His hand will be up more than it's down.  With nails painted, hair combed and a new uniform, you don't stand a chance.  He'll have answers to questions and questions to answers.  He'll exhaust you.  He'll amaze you.  And at the end of the day, when he leaves?  He's only just re-charging.  Be ready, he's going to bring it. 

Dear Grade 3. 

Careful.  This one knows more than he lets on.  Way more.  He'll get distracted and lose things, and make friends and lose more things.  But he's always listening, don't kid yourself. His mind will wander, he'll explore and take for-ev-er to finish something.  Deadlines won't affect him, he never panics, so don't bother.  However, put a book or a math problem in front of him and he's yours.  You'll have him.  He's finished the Harry Potter series, but make him read it again.  He'll complain, but be absorbed in a heartbeat.  And at the end of the day a trail of chaos may follow him out the door.  Rest assured, the same will be back again in the morning. 

Be kind.  Treat them well.  Their stay with you is short.  

J. xo

They started school this week here in NZ!  Although only attending for 2 weeks, both Sully and Max are pretty excited about it.  The Dear Grade... is something I've done on the boys first day of school since Max started Grade 1.  Below are their other years.  It's cool to see how they're growing up. 

But, too fast. 

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