The Philippines and our beach house

Hey guys it’s Max

So when we arrived in the Philippines we started staying at a place and me and sully decided to sleep on a mattress on the floor and we sleeped in to like ten am witch is ls late for us!! We hung out for a bit then we went to eat breakfast and after that daddy told us to get ready to go to the beach so we did. When we started going Sully showed me how to do a new towel whip called Sully’s whip and he also can make armour out of the whip. Once we got to the beach we had to walk for like a 100 meters then we rilized there were a hole bunch of star fish. Since daddy wanted to show us the bottom of the starfish, he flipped the star fish over with his hand! I asked if I could pick the star fish up and daddy told me I could so I picked the star fish up by a leg and then I decided to hold it all in one hand!! There were like no waves at all and when I put star fish in the water I could see like mini tentacles that help them move. 

I think it is time to stop for a bit.

OK. I’m back.

After the starfish beach we stayed at one of daddy’s friends.  She let us stay at her beach house and it was right on the beach!!! We took a van to get there (we didn’t have the hole van to our selves) and once we got there we all thot she owned a hotel. So we walked all the way along the beach to the end of the beach and we asked all the staff if they new Bridgett and they all said no. Then daddy texted Bridgett and she told us she was waiting at the beach shack which was one of the first restaurant’s we passed so we had to walk all the back!! Which took for ever!!  I was getting exosted but when we finally got back to the beach shack. We met her and went to her house on a boat that was so tiny i thot it was going to sink.  But Sully told me the balancer’s on the sides wouldn’t let it. So when we got to our place it was amazing except the roof was a bit small and we were staying for five night’s so I hit my head like five times.  And it hurt but the beach made up for it.  One time when we went to go eat (The milkshake’s were awesome!!) we had to cross a hole bunch of rock’s since the boat wasn’t there.  And coming back to the beach house it was pitch black but daddy had his iphone lite. but it was low on battery so we had to hurry. When we got back I fell a sleep strait away and when I woke up I was laffing!! I must have had a funny dream!  Have you ever woke up laffing??   bye!