The Earthquake Day.

Hey everyone it's Max.

a couple of days ago there was three earthquakes!!

The first one was when I was jumping waves and sully told uncle brenden that there was dust coming from the monten and uncle brenden told me to get out of the water!  once we got out uncle brenden told me an earthquakes just hit. Daddy was on shor getting us surf bords.  He felt it there and said cars and trucks were shaking every where. 

Second I was over at the Tomases playing lego. suddenly the windos started to vibrate and everyone one in the room felt it besides me and sully who didn't believe it was happening.  Everyone else who was there was saying there was an earthquake that just happend. Aparently they are after shoks.

Thired was when I was sleeping in the sleep out with daddy and it hit and Jay said did you just feel that and I said yes and asked if it was an earthquake and he said yup!  Then i asked him to come sleep in my bed. 

Bye every one.  I hope for no earthquakes in Canada!!