Aix-en-Provence, France.

Months ago we started planning to meet our friends Mel, Bruce, Hudson, Sawyer and Zuzu somewhere in the south of France.  Well, planning in the sense that WE would meet them, but THEY would plan everything else!  Haha…location, rental home, dates, etc (Thanks Mel!).  At times, trying to get our input was tough.  When we received a bolded email requesting some answers, we knew we needed to respond.  Bold is better...right, Bruce?!  Miraculously it all came together in early June when we met up for a week in a vacation home just outside of Aix-en-Provence.  And vacation is was!  Did we take full advantage of all the cultural activities that were at our disposal in Provence?  We tried. But for the boys it was more about hanging out with some of their best friends (the P/BB family live right around the corner from us in South Etobicoke) in a country where they could practice their french.  And for me it was about getting some much needed adult time, while hanging out with the coolest couple. The adults managed to sample as much of the wonderful food and drinks as were available to them.  Usually starting early in the afternoon and finishing well after dinner. 

We made road trips into local towns and swam at local beaches.  We hiked, explored, swan in our pool, kicked the can, man-hunted, gin-rummied (Mel cleaned our clocks!) and the best of all walked through the local lavender fields (which was a can't miss highlight for Bruce!).  The colours were gorgeous, the bees on full display and the kids got lost in the sights and smells. 

Our week in Provence was easy and casual.  Fun, relaxing and entertaining.  Laughs were abundant and tears were minimal.  Drinks were poured with consistency.  And afternoon cocktails never tasted better.  Friendship bonds were strengthened by all 3 of us.  And rarely has a dinner discussion with kids been so educational.  Although we could have done with less Minecraft talk. Right, boys? ;)  Our vacation with the P/BB’s was perfectly timed so that we could finish the rest of our trip strongly.  We’re so happy they were willing to meet up with us! 

THANKS Mel, Bruce, Hudson, Sawyer and Zuzu!!

Lovely Lavender