snorkelling and our island friends

Hi it’s Max.

Right now I’m on a plane to Hong Kong but i’m going to talk about the reef’s, our local friends from Apo Island and the whale sharks we saw. When we got to Apo Island me and Daddy started swimming not releasing sully wasn’t there and we saw two tertles that were huge!! They were closer to the shore then I expected. Then when I went to empty all the water out of my snorkel I herd Sully yelling ‘get Jay!!’ so I swam over and tapped daddy’s shoulder and I told Jay that Sully wanted him so Jay told me to swim in to shore. After that we got to shore Sully told us that his mask was to tite. So we stopped snorkeling and walked down to our guest house’s resterant.   Me and sully both were about to order a chocolate banana milkshake but the power was out so we had a sprite instead. I got yummy chicken kabob’s to eat. Later we found out my chicken kabob’s were just chicken balls which was annoying.    

In the morning we went down and we were about go in to the water but then a local came down and told us we needed a guide. When we asked how much it was they said three hundred pesos (nine Canadian dollars) per day. Daddy exepted it but I would never have. So when we went out again the guide new where all the tertles were!  We saw like ten tertles!! once we got back we watched the videos daddy took and they were amazing. At night Daddy saw some local boy’s playing on two boat’s so he told us to go down and play with them.  When meand Sully went down they all turned there head’s and looked at me and Sully and then one of them said come play with us! Me and sully started laffing. Then we jumped on to the boat and Sully started lifting the local’s off the boat and on the boat.  We also played hide and seek.

Two days after we went to where the whale shark’s were. When we were on a tiny boat going out to the ocean.  Then they told us to get in and I put my head under water and a GIANT WHALE SHARK WAS RIGHT THERE!!! They are giant fish the biggest fish in the world if you saw them you’d be amazed!!  literally they were like ten meters long!! It was really scary because they were huge and all they had to eat was open there mouth and thousands of little placton that we can’t see go into the whale sharks mouth.

OK.  bye