SICK!!!! (not slang for awesome)

**** Jay's note: He's a boy and 11.  This topic is right in his wheel house. ****

Uhhhh. Jay’s already covered the rest of Myanmar and for the past few days I’ve been SUPER sick!! From something I’ve never even heard of before! Yup that’s right! Ever heard of MERL-CoV before?? Well you’re lucky you haven’t! When we first got into Bangkok from Mandalay I was feeling alright! This time we knew EXACTLY where to go at our place...The Inn Saladaeng!! Then we went to the shopping mall. Along the way we stopped at a street vendor selling mango with sticky rice. Sticky rice was HORRIBLE mango was AMAZING!  I now hate sticky rice because of that!! Once we got into the shopping mall we looked for a place to get a SIM Card for Jay. We FINALLY found one (on like the sixth floor!) and then went back to the hotel and went to bed. The next morning I woke up feeling just a little off but it worsened as the day went on. By lunch, all three of us were starving and we stopped at a taco place and I got three! After I had to go to the washroom REAL BAD (as you can guess, this is where it started…) and I had diarrhea and I felt a little better after that though partly because the soap smelled super good after I washed my hands (YES Jay I washed my hands!) but then 20 minutes later I was feeling bad again and so I went diarrhea again but this time I didn’t feel much better. I went diarrhea a third time an hour later. We were walking back to our hotel when we rounded a corner and saw Susanne.  “Susanne!” I shouted in surprise as she appeared walking DIRECTLY towards us from the opposite direction and she was actually heading to the mall we had JUST left! Jay and Susanne and Max were talking for a bit while I held my pants trying not to poo in them! Jay FINALLY caught my eye and said to Susanne that we had to go so we parted and I practically RAN up the path into the hotel and into our room! LUCKILY I didn’t poo in my pants AT ALL (though of course I wouldn’t tell you if I did :) and managed to come out of it all right! A few hours later I was feeling HORRIBLE and after Jay had given me that Imodium pill and half another one I was kinda hoping it might stay down…NOPE no luck at all. I knelt down next to the toile-BARFBARFBARF!!!!! That’s actually pretty much what happened! I was feeling a little better so I went to bed (of course) and woke up about three times to go diarrhe-BARFBARFBARF!!!

BUT ONE TIME I DIDN’T!!!!! I was dreaming I had to puke (figures!) and I leaned over the side of something (a ledge or something??) and BARFED!!! I woke up while halfway through barfing to hear Jay’s “NOOOOO!!” and Bubbers whistle-snore! Anyways turns out I had PUKED on part of the mattress covers and on the floor! THAT”S what I had been leaning (realistically lying) over!! Anyways we changed the sheets and went back to bed! The next morning I woke up and rolled over and BARF!!! You’re probably thinking 'AGAIN??!!'  Well Jay put the garbage bin there so I could puke in it!! Phew! Close save there Jay!! Up until lunch I was lying in bed alternating between puking, diarrhea and coughing! After lunch I got Advil pills which amazingly did not return into open air Via MouthRailways!!! Once again I had a fitful sleep racking the puke-diarrhea count to 10 pukes 12 diarrhea!! The next day I was feeling MUCH better so I ate a croissant! I also drank 250mL of water!! MouthRailways return tickets have gone outta business!!

Anyways we got train tickets to Chiang Mai! We then boarded the train 30 minutes later (still feeling good!) and started our 11 HOUR train ride to Chiang Mai!! Luckily I had my E-Reader book City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare ( YES that’s the woman Rick Riordan dedicated Magnus Chase The Sword of Summer to!!) which is actually the FIFTH book in a series of six so look into the first one called The City of Bones first!!! I was talking with this old man from Australia and he pulled out his Mac and showed me a video on Youtube where a like 25-year-old man gets his 23-year-old wife to answer the simple math question of if you are driving 60kph (he said MILES but I’M CANADIAN) how long does it take you to drive 60kph? Well  the poor woman kept saying stuff like the tire treads add a quarter of a second each kilometre and every turn actually goes 50kph but WHAT THE HECK??!! It’s ONE HOUR!!! So it was HILARIOUS and the Australian man pointed out that she would be impressed that her video received 14.7 MILLION views!! Anyways the Aussie guy got off before us so I read the rest of the way! We headed to our hotel in Chiang Mai and dropped our stuff off there and then Max and I got these MAGICAL pants that were warm and comfy but you didn’t sweat in them!! I also got a super-cool Tattoo!! See pictures for detail!! Don’t worry though it’s Henna which for those of that don’t know comes off in about a week! I better stop now but in total the puke count was 13 and the diarrhea count was 15!!!!

Hope you guys didn’t feel as bad as me!!!