Remembrance Day - France revisited

They're still two of the most emotionally powerful days from our trip.  And have continually stayed with me. The time we spent exploring Vimy Ridge and then later in the week, Juno Beach.  Never have I been more proud and humbled to be Canadian.  I posted the following entries on social media back in July.  More than appropriate to revisit them now.  


(ps. I'm writing again!  And more blogs will follow soon.  Thanks to the many who have reached out, wished us well and wondered how the trip ended and what we've been up to since our return home.  It's been nice to read your emails.  Thank-you. Stay things.)

July 1, 2016 - Vimy Ridge

They’re missing home. 
Heck, we all are. 
So when we landed in Paris yesterday, I rented a car and took them to a place where they could experience some Canadiana. 
What some people say made Canada, Canada. 
Vimy Ridge. 
France deemed the area surrounding the monument (about 1 km²) to be Canadian territory in 1922. . 
We spent 3 hours of our Canada Day here. 
And left with a new understanding of the sacrifices that were made one hundred years ago. 
We're lucky to live in the most amazing country in the world and couldn’t be more proud of it. 
Especially yesterday. 
Happy Canada Day. See you soon!

July 8, 2016 - Juno Beach

We spent our last night in Normandy hanging out at Juno Beach and watching the sun disappear. It struck me (right in the feels) as I was watching them imagination nation way out in the sand, how extremely fortunate we are that 8 & 11 year old Canadian boys can play on this beach, while 72 years ago 1000's of Canadian boys were dying on it, fighting for what's right. 
For us.
Be proud of where you're from. 
The most proud.

"When you walk the sands of Juno,
they walk with you."
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