Choclit and organic compost making




Hi everyone it's Max!

Right now I'm going to write about a camp called The Green Camp. I learned about how to make organic compose yousing cow poo, green leaves, dried leaves and water!  I got to mix it all up and the rules were you had to get some poo with a Shouvoul to be allowed to mix it all up. I wanted to be able to mix it all up so I volunteered for picking up the poo. It smelled bad but it was worth it because mixing was so much fun! After we planted lettus and every person who picked up the poo got extra lettus seeds.

Later that day we learned how to make organic choclit. It was super fun because I got to smash the coco beens. We then sifted them throu a straner.  And had to smash them some more.  After the chocolit was cooked I made a banana split.  We ate it out of a boul made from a banana leaf.  And the spoon was also made from the banana leaf. So wen we threw it in the garbaj there was no wast!!

My days at Green Camp were AWESOME!!!!

Bye, Max