What i am excited about.  by Max

I’m reilly excited for Costa Rica because of zip-lining because it is the first time I’m doing zip-lining thru a jungal. I'm also looking forward to New Zealand because my cousins are living there and my memory of new Zealand isint good so I’m excited to get to learn more about New zealand. Another reson is I’m excited about Sri Lanka because one person from my grade two class was born in Sri Lanka plus my grama and my grampa will meet us at sri lanka. and sri lanka has tigers and elephants, witch is cool!!! I’m also excited for Kanya because it’s in Afraca and Iv’e never ben to Africa and I want to see all the wild life in Africa. I’m excited about Ice Land because I want to see if Ice Land is as cold as it’s name sowns.  hopefuly NOT!!!