The Whitsundays and wite sand...

 Hi everyone it’s me Max! 

Today I am aboard a boat called the Camira. It was amazing because we got to go snorkelling in The Great Bareyer Reef!! We saw two different tipes of corral. One was called staghorn corral and the second corral I don’t reley know the name but I saw it!  It was along the bottom. It was bumpy, spongy (we don’t get to touch the corral but it looked spongy) and it looked like a brain!

Also it was cool because I saw lots of different fish. Shortly after we got back on the boat they made an anawnsment saying “we will shortly be arriving at white haven beach”. Whuns I got all dried we took a dingy to the beach and on the way I saw 1 reley big stingray and 1 turtle! Whuns I got on the beach I jumped and rolled all over the peur wite silaca. After that we went swimming and we met someone named Aria so we played cach with a tennis ball. Wonse we got back to the boat we got a barbaq hot lunch. I got two sosigis and 14 brawnies/cochlite cake!!  YUMMM! Then me, Sully and Aria tolked for a bit then jay came and I got a bottle of lemonade. Shortly after I drove back to our hostel.  And then fell asleep!

good by evreybudy! :)