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Editor's (Jay) note - I don't even know what any of this means. Ugh. 

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Alright! So probably by now plenty of you will had read Max’s Minecraft Blog but I want to set a few things straight! Also this story is from Richie's and my point of view and not Luke and Max (I think their team name was The Crazy Creepers or something like that! Ours was The Snipin’ Skeletons!) because now you have our plan as well!

So while we talked strategy we decided we would look for a Snow Biome and for pumpkins to make a snow golem for unlimited snowballs! We never really managed to find a Snow Biome though because the world was Old Format! Our other portion of the plan was to make a chicken farm and to start breeding chickens for unlimited arrows!! This we did do but we never found the string for a bow!! The rules were Mobs On after the first night and PvP enabled after the second! That was good for The Crazy Creepers because i would’ve hammered them! Everyone had three lives and you could donate lives to a teammate! The first night for us was pretty rough because Richie kept stopping to collect flowers “But Sully! They’re for dyes!!” and I kept losing the chickens that we were luring with us to our underground base! I finally told Richie to stop at the side of a cliff and start mining down! Remember this: Old Format DOES NOT have caves!! Max and Luke kept making comments in loud whispers like “LUKE!!! I TOLD you not to make a third bow!!! We could’ve made a fishing rod instead!!” and “MAX stop stealing my iron!!!” and Richie kept believing them but I KNOW Max and I thought it was all part of their plan!! Richie and I were doing quite well and by the third night we each had an iron sword iron leggings and I had an iron chest plate! And then it happened! On the start of the fifth night when the mobs had just started spawning I heard Max: “Luke be careful now that we’re so close…they might have bows!” and so immediately I told Richie to Shift (Sneak) so they couldn’t see our user-tags above our heads! The whole night I was very tense and suspicious that they had somehow found us! By that time Richie had a chest plate and I had a helmet! This would later prove crucial in the ensuing battle but Richie’s head looked like he was wearing an iron helmet and his feet looked like iron boots! It was because he had the skin ‘Tundra Dweller’ on! All of a sudden and out of the blue the screen said: SPACE DROID 5000 (Luke’s name!) WAS SHOT BY A SKELETON!!! I had been so tense for the past two minutes waiting just in front of our door that I jumped up and hit Richie!! Anyways after the initial shock wore off I started saying “GG GG GG GG GG GG (Good Game) GG GG GG GG!!” to Luke who had just lost one of his lives! He was like “Max get my gold sword!! Also get the rest of my stuff!” Then all of a sudden: joyful2 (Max’s name!) WAS SLAIN BY A SPIDER!!! Of course I added the GG GG GG GG GG GG GG chorus to Max’s death! We were now winning 2-0! But that nights excitement wasn’t up yet! SPACE DROID 5000 WAS SLAIN BY A SPIDER!!!! GG! It was now 3-0 Snipin’ Skeletons! During morning all of the skeletons and zombies burnt and the spiders returned to a neutral threat so The Crazy Creepers were able to salvage MOST of their stuff! Max lost his boots! I later found out that Luke and Max had ATTACKED THREE Spider Jockeys (a skeleton sitting atop a spider!) because they wanted the armour (iron enchanted!) which might even put them ahead in the game!! The next morning (Minecraft morning!) was a game changer. Luke and Max had just split up over an argument about the night before! Obviously they were still on the same team but Max accused Luke of not listening to him about how they shouldn’t attack the Spider Jockeys (he was talking about the night before) and Luke was saying that Max had abandoned him when he’d charged in! It was hard to decide who to side with because Max should’ve told Luke that he wasn’t going to charge in with him but Luke should’ve took into consideration that three Spider Jockeys V.S. two players with not even full iron and no cover!! They were sitting ducks! That day passed without any event except for Richie finding Redstone! That got us thinking along the lines of TnT Cannons! The next morning would be the final morning of the game. We didn’t know it yet but for good or bad we were leaving the Arena that day (kinda like Katniss knew which day was the last in her Hunger Games!) and we hoped we would win! The day started off normal enough but soon enough I fatefully went out exploring looking for Luke’s house! Richie decided at the last minute that he wanted to come with me which saved my life!! I took all my food and armour and weapons and went out in search of Luke’s house! Eventually I climbed a hill and saw a river winding about 50 Blocks below me! Who would you expect to be crossing the river but joyful2? Since reading Max’s Blog I found out that he was on his way to visit Luke! Now Richie didn’t see him yet but I told him to Shift and eventually he saw Max! Later I told Max this (after the game!) but during the game he had no idea we were staring down at him! When we saw which way he was heading we went back down the hill the way we had come (so as not to expose ourselves) and went around the hill (I went left and Richie went right) and we met up (with each other) on an island halfway to the other side of the river. This was where Max had turned right heading towards a Forest (not a Jungle) Biome near a hill! I suspected Luke’s house was atop that hill so I Shifted towards the hill and climbed a tree. Richie decided to stay on the low ground (Never a smart idea during PvP!) and he was armed with eggs and his trusty iron sword! I had no eggs (in return for better armour than Richie) so I was going to be the Melee Man! I had all iron armour except for boots (the least protective) and Richie was missing iron boots and an iron helmet. Then I saw Max up close for the first time since spawning into the world! I knew it right then that we had a 90% chance of winning because Max had no iron pants (the second most protective armour!) so I ad hime beat in the Melee department! Plus he was five blocks above me and so he should’ve jumped down on me from up on that hill! Then I saw Luke! He wore the exact same outfit as Max except for the skin. i had spied him once during the game other than spawning but he was at least 100 Blocks away! He was three blocks above Max but I never saw his house! The battle had begun! I quickly moved away from Max’s jumping range and let our plan kick in! Richie threw two eggs at Max knocking him back but not dealing any damage (because eggs never do damage) and spawning a chicken in his face! While he was distracted Richie threw two more at Luke and I went in for the kill! With Luke distracted above Max because Richie kept on chucking eggs at him I jumped at Max who was a block beneath me (having fallen four blocks since the chicken had distracted him! I landed on top of him and in a flurry of feathers both the chicken and Max were gone! The words: joyful2 WAS SLAIN BY Malestrome657 blared on all of our screens! My new username is Malestrome657! Luke realized it was a distraction (the eggs) and jumped down from his cover and onto me! He did like 7 Hearts and then Richie knocked him off the hill (dealing 2 Hearts) and I managed to re-heal and regroup! Luke and Richie both fought incredibly well and for a moment I was SURE Richie would win but alas… it was not meant to be! Richie jumped up onto a log (he hadn’t seen it!) and he wasn’t looking when it happened but Luke knew it was coming and so he started hacking at Richie’s legs instead! He barely beat Richie and he had like 3 Hearts (out of 10 Hearts) left! I was nearing 10 Hearts (I had 8.5 Hearts) and so I charged Luke who was looting through Richie’s stuff! I killed him in two hits! I think it was because he had no leggings for armour and had lost 7 Hearts! Anyways we decided to end the game there because it was getting dark! It was AWESOME!!

We will play it back on Dartmouth!