Quakes Up!!

Wow... Today there were THREE earthquakes!! One happened while All of us were out swimming! I saw dust rising off a cliff and so I asked Aunt Jo-Jo what it was! It turned out that an earthquake had happened and so we all had to get out of the water!! I hadn't felt it but later we found out that Jay had! Anyways... Back to the present situation! Everyone was yelling to each other "OUT OF THE OCEAN! GET OUT OF THE OCEAN!!" except Max and I who just stood there dumbfounded because we had NO idea what was going on! I then heard the words tsunami and undertoe thrown into the mix so I grabbed him and said "Max SPRINT out of the ocean!!" he didn't have time to ask why though because I had already started RACING out of the ocean and onto the beach! 

After awhile everything settle down and we went back in to play and surf! I taught Jackson and Charlie how to surf as well!! YES that's the EXACT same beach as where I learned!! Jackson was a NATURAL NATURAL and stood up on his first wave and EVEN started turning! To top it all off he CHOSE that wave! NOT ME! Charlie though I had to tell her to paddle HARDER and not to stop paddling when the waves caught up to her toes! She got the hang of it after two or three waves and then started standing up LIKE A BOSS!! It was pretty fun as the waves where BIGGER and so we got to go out farther because Uncle Brendan came with us! We took some pretty good waves! Max only annoyed me THREE TIMES!! Twice because he made me jump off my board while I got a really good wave by standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!! The third time unbeknownst to me he grabbed the tail of my board and PUSHED so when the wave hit me I was facing it sideways and so it FLIPPED my board upside down!!

When we arrived home we found out that one of Aunt Jo-Jo's potted plants had fallen over spilling dirt all over the floor! Two books had fallen off of their shelves and a wooden thing had broken from fall damage! In the sleep out Jay and I had gotten lucky as NONE of my chess pieces had fallen over (which is VERY weird!) but some of Jay's creams had fallen over! The second earthquake happened while we were over at the Thomas's playing Lego! The windows were rattling and I actually fell over because I had been crouching over a Lego house so I was unbalanced! It was kinda like being on that buzzzzzzzing thing at Aunt Elizabeth's and Uncle Barry's place! It was a small one though so it was hard to tell it was even HAPPENING! The third one happened while everyone was in their beds going to sleep! It hit Max and Jay (who were in the sleep out) but Jackson and I didn't feel ANYTHING! Max even said his (MY) bed was wobbling! Well that's all folks!

Earthquake reporter signing out!