Land of Depths - III

This morning, we got a wonderful surprise! When we looked outside our window, Max and I saw Honduras outside! Our ship, the grand Norwegian Getaway had docked by the Roatan Islands, just inside Honduras.

After a breakfast of bacon and waffles, we headed off the boat. There was a quick and thorough security check just before we got inside Honduras, but it wasn’t bad. The staff were amazing and just wanted to let you by quickly. When we got through, our pre-arranged driver was already there to meet us! On the drive past beautiful scenery, he talked about his kids, home, and how much he enjoyed meeting new people. We stopped at West End, and there a boat driver came up to us and said “Are you the Pearsons?” We said yes, and then got in his boat. He gave us some snorkels and flippers to try on, while he revved up the motor. When we got out there, the mainland looked beautiful! From behind me, I heard “Noo!” and then saw Max’s hat floating in the water already ten feet behind the boat! Luckily the driver saw all this and turned around so that Max could retrieve his hat. Soon after, we arrived upon a tour group with a bunch of dolphins swimming together. They must have booked the Dolphin Experience! Nonetheless, it was our first-ever time seeing dolphins! Jay managed to snap off a couple of pictures before we had to go to our next place: the reef!

The first part of the reef we got to, there wasn’t any coral or fish! All we could see was seagrass, which actually means the environment is healthy there, and it would help support the endangered dugongs. Suddenly, though, this other guy came and shoved a starfish into my hands! I had no idea what to do with it, but it felt really weird and I couldn’t tell where the mouth/face was! It was really cool, and after I gave it to Max to hold, we headed onwards!

Then, when we dove into the next reef area, soooooo many fish were nearby! That was actually the most I’ve EVER seen! Not even the Great Barrier Reef had that many fish! We stayed in the water for about an hour and a half, and I saw two barracuda! Both of them were really small, only about a foot long. Also, barracudas aren’t actually that dangerous, and it is extremely rare that one will attack a human without being provoked. After our boat ride was done, we played on the beach for a while and REALLY enjoyed swimming in the warm ocean again!!  

We drove back to the port, and boarded the ship again. There was another quick and thorough security check, and then we were on! We headed up to our rooms to relax for awhile and then Max and I went to Splash Academy until 6:00PM. After Jay checked us out (I’d only been there for an hour and a half), we ate at the buffet (Garden Cafe). This time, Max and I both made our own burgers! Once dinner was done, we used our drinks packages to get stuff at the bar. I had a virgin pina colada, Max got a virgin daiquiri, and Jay ordered a mojito. When our drinks were finished, we jumped into our nicely, and newly, made beds and prepared to go to sleep. Well, here is where I’m gonna have to end this Blog!


Talk soon!