One Hull Of A Ship - I

Hello, it’s Sully! Max, Jay and I just boarded the cruise ship Norwegian Getaway, owned by the Norwegian Cruise Line, a.k.a. NCL. Before I tell you about the ship, I want to talk about Miami, and how we got here. So, we flew in from Pearson Airport on AirTransat, which kindly gave us beach balls, card packs and a bag of Oreos each because we were in the Kids Club. The other super cool thing was that our stewardess was able to get us a quick tour of the cockpit before we took off!!  The pilots were the greatest.  We flew on 36 flights when we travelled around the world and not ONCE were we able to see the cockpit.  And then the first time we fly with AirTransat, we were lucky enough to see everything.  It was a great start to the trip!!!

When we landed in Miami, Florida, we took a car to where we were staying, the Intercontinental Hotel. It was probably the most luxurious hotel Max and I have ever stayed at! We got a car to Miami Beach, which is world famous. However, other than a quick walk, I actually recommend that you avoid it. There is a lot of garbage, seagulls, and people there, so it is really chaotic. I didn't see the big deal with it and I probably won’t ever go back to that place. After a quick dinner, we went to bed.


The next morning, we got sandwiches from a nearby Starbucks, then went to an Apple store to pick up a computer charger for Jay. As we drove there, we passed by Miami Port. Since this is our first ever cruise, we were looking at all the ships! We finally saw our ship, the Getaway. It was the biggest, and the most colourful one, too!!  And we could see all the waterslides and the ropes course. Max and I couldn't wait to get on it!  When we arrived in our terminal, we looked up at the ship. IT WAS HUGE!! We boarded easily, with helpful staff & security to guide us, and our fellow passengers into the proper waiting areas. We quickly boarded, and were sprayed with hand sanitizer! Turns out, the crew are spraying people’s hands with hand sanitizer because they want to keep germs off the ship. Smart idea! We entered a room with elevators, and asked an usher which restaurant he would recommend for our first meal aboard! He directed us towards the buffet on Deck 15, and even pressed the elevator button for us! When we got to the buffet table (no waiting lines!) we saw so many different types of foods. Max, as a picky eater, still piled his plate full of stuff, because they had anything a picky kid, or adult, could want. I ate some pasta and a sandwich, with a side of waffle cut fries. After, we ate ice cream!! Better yet, it was all free! This sounds like it’s going to be a great cruise! Right now I’m staring at Miami, off of our balcony in room 12228. The view is wonderful! I can’t wait to get going. We’re going to the three water slides onboard the ship soon, so I should get ready now. 

Bye for now!