Sully & We Are Savvy

It's Jay...tagging in for Sully.  He and Max have been up north at Camp Kitchikewana since the 17th (Glorious!).  This weekend they return and then we'll be able to get the rest of the blog entries from our trip posted! Please stay tuned.  BUT...the reason I'm tagging in on Sully's blog is I want to tell you more about the TV show that he's on.  Not about him being on it - you already know that, but how absolutely fantastic it is!!  While we were travelling, we weren't able to access it.  Last Friday I went to my friend Jeni's house to watch it with her two girls.  Jeni produced the show, so I was privy to some cool behind the scenes insight.  This show is so smart, funny and engaging. And the 3 girls who host it are crazy fabulous! You can't help but be drawn in by them.  Savvy comes at you in quick hits - something that takes a little getting used to - but apparently kids dig that.  Ya, I sound like my grandma.  If you have kids or are a kid, watch it tonight.  It's on the Family Channel, Fridays at 6:30pm.  And then different parts of the show can be accessed from their website. Below was Sully's first appearance 2 weeks ago (he's on 10 of the 20 episodes).  A food market in Luang Prabang, Laos.  Tonight he'll be surfing in New Zealand.  Which is a story in itself.  I tried to get him surfing in Costa RIca and Bali, before we arrived in NZ.  Both times he didn't want anything to do with it.  Buuuut...when Jen emailed with the idea of filming him learning to surf, he only thought about it for 2 minutes before saying "YES!!". 🙄 Of course he did.  Eyes on the prize, Sully. 👍🏼  Watch it.  It's great.