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Remember that beach I was talking about back in Ella? Well we arrived there just thirty minutes after I finished the last Blog! The sea spray even reached our hotel (Moonstone Villas) in Tangalle which is a costal town that was affected by the tsunami! We were staying there because we were going to do some charity work and help repaint a preschool and do some filming for a TV show that I’m a part of called We are Savvy ( I'll do a separate Blog on that! But I’m soon excited about it!!!) We had two days on our hands before we had to go to Omaya Preschool to film! But anyways... when we got sorted at Moonstone Villas we headed down to the beach! We spent three hours down there playing in the ENORMOUS waves! They were the biggest I’ve ever seen, probably like 10 feet tall! Near sunset Max and I played a game I invented called ExtendoTowers where you have to sit on your ankles and knees and try to wrestle each other by putting your hands on each others shoulders and watching out for the waves! You can 'Extend' by lifting your bum off of your ankles! When I get back to Toronto I will show you guys how to do it! We ate supper at the Moonstone Villas Restaurant and Max got pizza and I ate fish n chips!

The next morning for like 15 minutes Jay Max and I played Clash Royale ( I know right! I convinced Jay to download it!) Max 'Friendly' Battled Jay even though Jay had just started and Max had way better troops the final score was 3-2 to Max! We didn't have enough time for me to battle Jay because we wanted to spend the whole day down by the beach! We spent that day pretty much wrestling the waves! I got a coconut for Rs.100 which is $1 CAD! Sri Lankan Rupees is probably the easiest exchange rate we've had so far! We got some boogie boards as well! The waves were definitely THE biggest I've ever seen that day! We played some more ExtendoTowers and Max managed to beat me once because a huge wave came but my back was to it so he 'Extended' but I didn't! We were really tired out after that so we went to the Moonstone Villas Restaurant and again I ate fish n chips and this time Max got the same! Jay had some sort of salad.

The next day a driver came and drove us to a village that the Canadian charity, had supported and had built houses for them! Everyone there loved Jay’s friend Amalie (one of the people who works in the charity and the person who hooked us up!) and at one point a family brought us inside their house! While we were driving towards Omaya Preschool we saw a palm tree that had grown IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!

When we arrived at Omaya Preschool the kids we're just finishing up making Playdoh sculptures! I made a snowman, a duck, a penguin and a soccer ball and Max? He spent all his time making a masterpiece bunny! Once all the kids left I got my mic on for the TV show and started to paint! We just got to paint these murals on the walls but it was still fun! I painted a rooster and Max painted a hog! After we were done painting the murals we decided to paint the tables as well! We thought it would be pretty great for the students to arrive the next day with newly painted desks as well.  I sure would!! Then after that we donated the paint and brushes to the preschool! I had SOOO much fun there and so did Jay and Max!

We went and visited a market after and then headed back to Moonstone Villas and then OF COURSE, went down to the beach! I actually boogie surfed a wave! That was pretty good considering that the foam inside the board was broken into half so that it bent! Tomorrow we're going to meet up with the Williams and Gaga and Papa! Byeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sri Lanka is awesome!  We're loving it!!


P.S. Thanks A LOT Amalie for hooking us up to that preschool! I LOVED IT!

P.P.S. Someone needs to invent CAPITAL capitals! HAHAHA