Hong Kong 'Busy'ness Centre

Hong Kong really is a business centre! That's part of the reason it's a second-world country (what I call an in-between country) and if you wanna know some of its history read on! When the British gave HK to China they had already established some companies there and some of those companies made HK their HQ! So all of these British companies have their HQ in HK and so a lot of business is done there!

It's also really funny how about every third shop on the street in the area where we were is a barbers place! Yes Max and I (and Jay!) did all get our haircut there as well! Hong Kong is probably in my top 10-ish.

I also found it really funny how we paid like CAD $100 in total for all three of us to take this gondola called the Ngong Ping 360 which is really just a tourist trap because when you get off at the other end you are up in this artificial city that the Ngong Ping company built and all these really expensive shops are there.  There is a monastery and a big Buddha but the Buddha was probably built by Ngong Ping because it was completed in 1993!!! It's also 73ft tall and the one in Sri Lanka is 100ft tall except you don't have to pay CAD $100 to see it! If you are interested in seeing the biggest or some of the biggest Buddhas in the world go to Myanmar and Sri Lanka where there are actually Buddhas that were made 100's of 1000's of years ago!!!

The Hong Kong I found was more for the shopping and I NEARLY got The Trials Of Apollo book but it was like CAD $20! I keep saying CAD because in Hong Kong the currency is HK $ so I have to specify (HK$6=CAD$1) which currency I'm talking about! If I'm completely honest the people in Hong Kong are nice-the first time they say something. Because they have a British-Chinese combo accent it's really hard to understand them (I think) so you'll probably have to ask them again and when you do they'll kinda snap at you! Of course they won't if they want your money but otherwise yes. It sounds to me like they're kinda frustrated at me/you! Considering all of the countries we've visited the people were kind even if sometimes you had to ask them to repeat themselves 3 or 4 times!

On a more positive note...Max put a hold on Percy Jackson! So hopefully he likes The Lightining Thief and starts reading more of them! This next part is probably mostly to Hudson but anyone else who reads Minecraft books can read it and anyone else too! If you've read the Gameknight999 series and the Herobrine Awakening Series (same author) you should read the next; Herobrine Reborn! Also I've found a new Minecraft series called The Elementia Chronicles by Sean Fay Wolfe! The first one is called The Quest For Justice.

Anyways... Hong Kong may not be my favourite country but I still like it!