Mommy's birthday.

Hello everyone.

I am going to wish Mommy a happy birthday in this Blog and then say what we did on her birthday! Mommy would’ve turned 43 on the 19th a few days ago and I just hope she had a really fun time watching us on her birthday.  I like the fact that on Mommy's trip around the world, I think her sister Anne had her birthday in Bali too? Also an added bonus was that Max’s birthday was the 11th (which you guys already knew) and so it’s 8 days away from Mommy’s and they both had their birthdays in Bali this year! How cool is that!

Anyways I’ll now tell what we did on her birthday. When we first woke up we started reading for around two hours and then we hopped in the super cold pool! After swimming for a while we decided to go out on a hike around rice fields and then headed for an Organic Restaurant where I got an Iced Coffee and Max I think pineapple juice and Jay had some alcoholic beverage. We also shared an amazing guacamole with bread that I loved and Jay did too! After that we decided to just explore the streets and I think Mommy would’ve loved that too. We bartered for bamboo straws and Jay wanted beer cooler/holder things.  While we were walking we passed by a shop called The Coconut Store that I had wanted to go to like from our second night in Ubud!! We decided to go in and Max and I got cups of coconut ice-cream with actual coconut jelly dotted around it!

We explored the streets a little more and Jay got what I think is an almost matching pair of blue white and yellow shirt and shorts so if he had’ve put them on he would’ve looked kinda like a snow man with flowers all over him! It was getting dark so we headed back in the direction of our Homestay and stopped at a place called The Bamboo Bar and Restaurant and I ate a bacon egg lettuce and cucumber burger with fries! It was delicious!! For dessert Max and I got banana splits with one HUGE scoop of chocolate ice cream surrounded by banana slices. We made sure to give Mommy cheers (Max actually came up with our cheer!) and wished her happy birthday! That’s pretty much it I guess and again I hope she had a great time that day, we thought of her lots.  And I hope she loves the wishes of her dream of us travelling the world are being realized!

Happy 43rd Mommy!!!!