Hello again it's me, Sully!

I just spent nearly 3.5 days in Boston. And it was so worth it. Every last moment (well except for the long drives in the car of course! Squished between the Bubs (that’s our nickname for Max) and Nonie’s daughter, Morgan).  That was a pain!

All that waiting and exhilarating research I did over the past few months (well of course you really didn't think Jay did it all, did you?) back in Toronto have paid off. Yesterday we practically spent the whole day in Cape Cod. On the beach. In the waves. And to quote Jay "That breeze you felt yesterday? That was me exhaling across the Atlantic.". Okay maybe it was not that noticeable but even I released a lot of pent-up energy in a yell as I ran down the sand-hill and into the monstrous waves. The waves were like two Jays stacked on top of each other. Like him standing on his own head! Literally. They were that big! 

And today, we took a bus tour around Boston that also went in the water (the Charles river) and I was able to drive it, in the water!  It was called a DUKW (pronounced DUCK) or something like that. We also walked to the Harvard Law School where someday I plan on attending. 

I would like to say thanks to my Dartmouth friends, surrounding area people and relatives as well as my room 310 classmates for all their support!  Oh, and of course Nonie and Scott (as well as their little whirlwind Morgan and sleeping baby, Charlie.  They’re a lot like me and the Bubs).  They made our stay awesome!!  It was like a luxury that we won’t get in Costa Rica.  

I should sign off now, tomorrow’s my birthday (August 11) and I get to celebrate it in 3 different countries (US, Panama & Costa Rica)!!!!!  I’m soooo excited!!!!!

- Sullivan Pearson