(written August 11)

Hõla amigos!

Sending regards from Costa Rica in San Jose after just arriving about 15-20 minutes ago! My birthday was spent by being on a plane for 6hrs and 3 hrs waiting to board! Sounds fun huh? Well it sorta was because of all the happy birthday wishes I got! Some came as text messages others were comments on the Blog and others still on Facebook! Some really made me homesick ( JWH Staff ) and some made me feel real special ( Duffs & BV Crew) also some came in ways I would never have thought of ( Voice recordings by the Powell's!!!) but they all meant the same so I want to say thanks to all of those people who wished me a happy birthday! I am so excited to go to Tortuguera tomorrow. we have to get up at 5am ( Ugh!) but I hope ( and am sure) that it will be another cool life experience! So far the trip is going great and Boston was amazing especially Harvard Law School! I also had great eats there ( especially send-off/ birthday dinner!) and it was overall a great experience. I am so excited to see Costa Rica ( so far it's been REALLY frustrating not being able to read or understand the Spanish language!) and that all starts tomorrow!

Can't wait for tomorrow,