Coffee and Hiking.

Hõla amigõs! How's it going?

I just had COFFEE this morning!! Now some people might say I don't need coffee or already have an unlimited supply but I think it tastes GREAT ( especially with about two or three spoonfuls of sugar) with breakfast! The turtle that I saw in Tortuguero was so cool! It was HUGE, much bigger than max ( though I had to convince him of that!). We saw it covering up her eggs and then camouflaging the surrounding area by chucking sand everywhere!  Earlier, I had my second ever coconut! I had my first when I was four though. In Tortuguero me and Max swam in ILLEGAL WATERS.  It said no swimming because it was basically a national park and there were rip tides, so we just stayed close to shore.  Jay watched us.  The next day we took a six-hour shuttle ride to La Fortuna and along the way me and Max fed Iguanas our ice cream cones! I actually came up with the idea but Max was videotaped. When we got to our ecolodge, we started an animal Hearthstone battle with some of our neighbours in Toronto. Our hotel is called Cerro Chato Ecolodge and I love the area surrounding it! We went to the hot springs at night because we are so close to the Arenal Volcano! The next day we did a 2km hike uphill to a waterfall to swim. It was so awesome swimming with the currents in the water! When we finished swimming we headed back but some nice women stopped and asked us if we wanted a ride into the city because Jay had to get Colones ( the local currency) at the bank. After that we ate pizza for lunch then went to a park where I found a 25 colone coin (worth about five cents) on the ground. Later Jay called a taxi and brought us back here where we swam in the pool. Me and Max then played on our iPads and went to bed. Today we woke up and ate eggs for breakfast.  I just remembered we would be going on an eco glide (zip line) in 2hrs! Whoa.  Can't wait for that and neither can Max, OF COURSE!

That's all folks,