See you later, Costa RIca!


Have you ever been flying through the air at (what feels like) 50kph around what seems like 100's of feet above the ground? 

Well now ouithree have! 

Zip-lining was amazing, easy and quick to learn and ultimately fun! After zip-lining we had a satisfying lunch of pineapple jam and peanut butter sandwiches. Later on we went to the same hot springs as earlier in the week for another steaming evening! Sadly the next morning we had to leave Cerro Chato Ecolodge but we went to an even better place in Manuel Antonio! The Hotel Karahé was literally beachside and the past three days were spent in the waves or private pool that was reserved for Karahé people. I still cannot believe Jay found this place!  Or that he forgot to bring his GoPro thrice to the ocean! After an amazing tour in the Manuel Antonio national park (with our guide Marvin who was unbelievable at spotting animals/creatures/insects that were so well camoflagued more than 5m off the path), he finally brought it down this morning! And we got some cool video. 

Hopefully San Francisco will be just as fun, especially meeting our Aunt Elizabeth and seeing Alcatraz!!!!!! Costa Rica has been awesome.  everywhere we've stayed has been so cool and hopefully we return! 

Today I also learned two very interesting things from our guide in the national park! One, that spiders produce silk that when you gather enough of it's web it can become bulletproof ( yes Hudson, even better than Kevlar!) and that sloths have a fungus on them that can kill cancer cells so it could be a new breakthrough in finding the cure!

I was also amazed how me and max fed around 8 Iguanis (with bread, just like the ducks and geese at home) off the back of our room at Karahé and how there was about 20 in total and tons of colourful crabs in our hotel area and the national park too!

Buenas noches, (as Jay would say)