Great Golden Gate.

Now listen, I've done structures in Science and even seen pictures about the GG (Golden Gate) Bridge but when you've actually seen it with your own eyes it really takes your breath away. How it looks and how the architectural design is, is incredible. They also focused on the beauty of the bridge so the one-two punch made it a record-holder for 27 years! (longest suspension bridge) How's that for homework Mr. Pearson?

Also we sadly couldn't get into Alcatraz because it was booked till September which is crazy!!  A neighbour even told me to tell Jay to book it in advance which is what I did, but he didn't so it was too late!

We had a great time with Mommy's friend Jen her husband Nate and their kids Jacqui and Spencer who were AWESOME! Spencer even ran up a hill with me that was so steep you can't even ride a bike up it without going backwards! It was right on the coast close to where they live.  We jogged for practically the whole way only stopping when I thought I heard a STOP! coming from the halfway point up the hill from Jay. He came up to get us at the top of the hill. We also had a blast at their pool club where they had a hot tub, a bar, a mini restaurant and thank goodness a pool! Overall it was great and Nate's BBQ steak was excellent too!

I also had a ball going out with my Aunt Elizabeth and her son Scott for dinner near Fishermen's Wharf Downtown San Francisco.  Scott is a lawyer! A sports agent.  We had such good food there even though I didn't eat all of my steak filet because I had the fatty potatoes!

And did any of you know that Incredibles 2, Toy Story 4, Cars 3 and Finding Dory! are going to be made? Well we didn't until we got a tour of Pixar Animation Studios!!!! It was amazing because Jay had a friend who has a friend who works at Pixar named Kris who toured us around. Something Kris animated that most of you would know is all of The Incredibles family except Violet's hair! Pixar was super cool and we saw all these Inside Out drawing of characters that were made before the actual movie! And the main building is called the Steve Jobs Building because he helped create Pixar.  

All in all San Francisco was great!

Having a great time,