Adios, CR.

Costa Rica.

You were pineapple plantations, banana, palm and papaya trees.  Hundreds of kilometres of winding roads, swallowed up by rainforests and mountain sides, volcanoes, rivers and gorges.

You were night hikes and morning swims. 

You woke us with the sounds of your forests and lulled us to sleep with strange and new noises. 

You were colones and dollars.  Hot Springs, waterfalls and zip-lines.

You showed off your finest weather and allowed 3 boys to spend too much time in your oceans.  We were tossed & beaten and could hardly stay awake past dinner. 

You shared your monkeys, turtles, lizards, iguanas, snakes, frogs and crabs. And all your lovely people.  

You were the perfect introduction for us. 

Pura Vida, Costa Rica.