plane rides and pixar and ayars rock.

It's Max.

and I was in San Francisco. When I was there I saw my aunt and her son scott. I wished I could play on his pool tabel but apparently I'm not old enough to play. I also went to mommy and daddys friends house. When I got there no one was home. All of my friends where not there they were in the airport coming back from ottawa canada. When I woke up the next day I saw Spenser and jaci sitting on the couch watching big hero six. Then we went to the steve jobs bilding at PIXAR and learned finding dory, cars 3, the good dinasore and toys story 4 were coming out in the movies!  Spenser and me reseled and sparrd in his garge a lot!  At the end of San fransisco I went on a 14 hour flit to Astralia.  I fell asleep on the plane for nine hours and we were lucky because there were Tv's on the back of the seats. Wonse I got to astraralia I got on another plane and flew for three hours to Ayars rock. I was exosted by then but daddy took us for a hik and to Ayars rock.  Ayars rock was big, bumpy and butifull.