Max. The celebrity.

During the past few weeks, I've started documenting the number of times people have come up to us and asked to have their picture taken with the boys.  Well, mainly it's Max.  His red hair, blue eyes, freckles and Casper-esque white skin, makes him an easy attraction in countries such as Myanmar & Laos, where the locals might not normally see people, never mind a younger child, with these types of features.  My favourite picture is the one where a mom asked Max to hold her baby so that the baby could be in the picture too.  It was hilarous. Many other people have laughed, squealed or touched him as well.  Wanting to know what his skin feels like.  He's been a great sport about it, shrugging it off as a welcome part of the job.  However, he did get a bit cheeky for a few days, wanting a $2 payment from each requester.  Much like some of the locals have done to us.  Well played, Max!

And this family.  They couldn't speak English and we couldn't speak Burmese.  But we sat with them for well over half an hour, sharing pictures and videos of us skiing and snowboarding back home in the snow.  Some of them had never seen anything like it before.