ziplines everywhere!!

Hi.  it's Max.

Two days ago I was in the back of a pick up truck getting ready to do seven kilometres of zip lining but soon I herd that we had to hike for two hours with all of our bags and I got tiered quickly just thinking abot it.

Won's we got out of the pick up truck a man told us how to put our zip line harness on and then we had to walk like fifteen to twenty minutes then we had our first zip line across the river. Then we walked what seemed like forever and then I thought we were there. But then I overheard that we were only a quarter finished hiking and l was sweating like crazy and my head hurt then won's we got close to halfway Daddy offered to carry my bag because he could tell I was exosted.

Wons we got to the second zip line it was so high and long so It took like one minute to go across (one minute is a long time for zip line's!!) then two meters after there was the next zip line which seemed even longer and I got sirius butterflies then we took a zip line to the biggest tree in Laos which was like a million times the size of me then we went to the highest treehouse in the world so I was really scared the first step I took in the treehouse!!! Then soon I herd we had to sleep in the treehouse and I got so scared again.

When I woke up in the morning we started doing more zip lining.  At the end we finally got to swim but the water was really cold.  Another pickup truck came and we were lucky to sit in the inside part of the truck.

I still feel sad for the people that had to sit in the part where It was bumpy.

Bye.  Max