Revisting Myanmar.

I know.  We left Myanmar 3 weeks ago.  Why am I going back?  Simply because I want to document the last few days of our stay there.  We spent them on a train to an out of the way village named, Hsipaw.  The train was old, slow, rickety and absolutely perfect.  It was a 7 hour trip and cost us $2.50 each.  Insane.  We were able to see a part of the Myanmar country side that we couldn't possibly have been exposed to other wise.  And there was also the Gokteik Viaduct.  What a trip (literally) it was taking a train over it.  

Once in Hsipaw, we went on a 4 hour trek through local villages.  We were treated to a local noodle-making factory, a local potato chip making establishment and a delicious lunch at the home an acquaintance of our guide.  Again, unique experiences that are difficult to get in areas over-populated with tourists or foreigners as most countries call them. 

Myanmar.  You were a pain in the ass to get into, but once there treated us to some of our most favourite moments from the trip so far.  Your friendliness, curiousity and natural beauty won't be forgotten.  Good luck with your new direction.  Your people deserve it.