school in New Zealand

Hey every one it's Max and I'm still in New Zealand!

I just went to school and it's been such an amazing day. so far I made so many friends named Gus, issac, gorge, leum and morgen.

There's a lot friends to play with and there is also 2 great big play grounds.

Also I learned a game called busted. it's like grounders but in busted you can ceap your eyes open when you are on the playground and you are also allowed to just be touching some thing and when the person who is (in) it says busted you are still in! Which is amazingly awesome and cool at the same time!

Sum of my favorit things are:

1. All the friends i've made.

2. Playing during morning tee and lunch

3. my teacher gave me a cumputer program to work on for home work  

4. in art class we got to make up monsters and pante them.

5. math has been eesy so far. 

Bye every one!!!