A final ode to Jordan

Never part of our plan, you’re now firmly in my top 3. 
An unexpected detour, but an overwhelming favourite. 
Beginning unsure, we left you wanting more.  
We were dazzled by your views and absorbed by your colours. 
“Welcome to Jordan!”, a phrase we never tired of. 

Your Dead Sea - It suddenly became alive with laughter and wonderment. 
And its mud the perfect tonic for a tired body, mud-wrestlers and a book reader. 
From the lowest point on the planet, 
We drove up and over some of your highest peaks. 
And when we stopped, were rewarded with a Wonder of the World. 
Its Siq was awe-inspring,
The Treasury? Left me speechless.
And the Monastery was worth climbing every one of the 1112 steps Sully counted. 
Watching them tandem ride a donkey was just the cherry on top.

Sully and Max became fans of shawarmas.
Pita bread, olives, tomatoes and hummus for breakfast?
Not so much. 
Wadi Rum allowed us to explore your remote side.
Passengers in the back of a broken down pick up truck during the day, 
oui3 spent an evening being entertained by Bedouin culture at night.
All the while, “we saw your constellations reveal themselves one star at a time.”

And finally Jerash.  A last minute decision by the co-pilots.
Ruins in such good shape we could play, explore and Imagination Nation all through them. 
Even throwing a straight arm to knock a pick-pocketer down, surprising the boys. 

We had fun getting lost on your roads, in your culture and discovering your world. 
I doubt we’ll we back.  But I suspect other people will come because of us.
They may be just as unsure. 
Treat them the same and they’ll too leave, wanting more.