Oman Turtles - Hi, it's Max

Hello right now I'm in Jordan but I'm going to talk about Oman and the turtles.

We were in the car going down to the entry of the turtles (remember I was just sick a day ago so the car stunk.) So when we finally got there we got lucky and we only had to wait five minutes for the tour to start. Once it started we got in a four by four to get to the beach because the tertles don't want to walk very far from the sea. The first turtle we saw was way better then the ones in Costa Rica because there were no other tourists and because the visibility was way better then Costa Rica and the guide was amazing. Then we saw another turtle and I was surprised how many turtles there where. Then we saw another turtle then another one and we saw probably five to seven turtles in total which is a lot of turtles!! The last turtle we saw was laying eggs and our guide dugout some sand and made it more clear so that I could see the eggs and they looked like normal chicken eggs. When we got back to the building the guide showed us some pictures of turtles hatching. Bye! 

Did you know that a female turtle hatches one hundred baby turtles every three months but only two or three make it past the millions of crabs, seagulls, burds, fish and other things who try to eat the baby turtles. Bye again!