Jordan - A detour.

Jordan.  Whoa.  Detour. 

Jordan was never on my list. Ever.  Until I decided to go to Oman.  And Oman was never on our list either, until we met a family from Spain in Sri Lanka.  They raved about Oman and sent us their itinerary and urged me to go there.  And once I decided Oman would be a destination, I started thinking about the possibility of heading over to Jordan since we were already in the Middle East.  I was 50/50 on going, until I talked to Deb & Joel and some of their expat friends in Dubai.  Every one told me how beautiful it is, which was the 50% of me that wanted to go. For sure.  The 50% that was hesitant, was concerned about safety.  But everyone I spoke with said we would be fine.  And we have been.  We've experienced no issues at all.  And the beauty of this country is stunning.  If you're thinking of travelling and Jordan is even remotely on your list (Hi, Gaga!) move it right to the very top and get here.  It won't let you down. 

When we landed here from Oman, via Bahrain, it was just before noon.  And I didn't have a plan at all.  Nothing.  I didn't have a place to stay, because I wasn't even sure where we would go first.  And I didn't know if I would simply rent a car, or depend on taxi's and drivers.  Reflecting on that, it sounds incredibly ridiculous.  

When in my life would I ever take a 10 day vacation, fly to a foreign country and have absolutely NO PLAN??  

I know, ummm...NEVER. I'd NEVER do that!!  Especially a country in the Middle East! 

But the last 3-4 days in Oman were hectic, and frankly I'm exhosted (Max's spelling) from always trying to be 4 steps ahead.  Planning days in advance and not being 100% where my feet are.  Thinking, what's next?  And then, what's after that??  We've been at it long enough now that we can kind of roll in hot anywhere and make the best of it.  Sort ourselves out and then just go with it.  My friends who are control freaks, or OCD or need a spreadsheet to plan their week are having a coronary right now.  I see you.  

Anyway, we were a hot mess once again, but I used the wi-fi at the airport to source a cheap rental car for our stayDeveloped a plan for the first 4 days, found a SIM card for my iphone (so key!) AND they had Starbucks at the airport!  So armed with a grande mocha, a crappy but safe and cost effective car and my 2-copilots (who were eyes deep into their latest novels while all of this was going on) we were off. Destinations Madaba, Mount Nebo and then Petra. Madaba is a smallish city (~80000 people) about a 1/2 hour south of Amman (the capital) known for its mosaics and its proximity to Mt. Nebo.  Mount Nebo is where Moses stood and looked out over the Holy/Promised land to Israel. It's a stunning view in which you can see all the way to the Dead Sea, and across to Jericho in Israel and even tall buildings in Jerusalem.  It was our first exposure to the tremendous views in this country.  WOW.  They're unbelievably breath-taking all throughout Jordan.  We made lots of stops, took a bunch of photos (I did) and breathed it all in.  It was also our first exposure to the historically religious significance this part of the world holds.  Although I'm more on the side of #TeamDarwin, I can absolutely appreciate and respect the history involved in it all.  Plus again, what an amazing opportunity to continue to learn about different types of religion for Sully and Max.  The questions!  No Max, Moses and Mozart were not the same person.   Max: If God can't talk to me, how could he talk to Moses?  Yes Sully, there were only 10 laws (commandments)...and you're right, the lawyers in those days must have had it easy.  Sully: There's no author listed on this Bible, who wrote it?  It was non-stop. And a perfect introduction to the country.