burnt feet, swimming and food.

Hey everyone today i’m going to write about Sri Lanka. So let me get started.  Yesterday when I woke up Daddy told me to get dressed and to go downstairs to wait for breakfast so i did. When it came I was surprised!!! It wasn't like a breakfast i am used to!! Rice noodles (white noodles with a rice flavour) came and other rice noodles but instead of them just siting on a plate they were rapped around some bits of coconut and honey.  We also got omelets and some watermelon and banana but I think that the banana is the best! Once we finished we got in a tuk tuk and went to see ruins.  At the ruins we had to take are shoes off because the temples were sacred!  We had to run though or our feet wold burn because it was sooo hot on the ground!! I know how it felt because my feet burnt and beleeve it or not it hurt! But i was lucky and after got an ice cream cone for thirty cents but it was tiny. :(  It was kinda unfar because sully got a coconut and an ice cream cone. :(   Once we got back to our place we changed and jumped in to the pool and I was in the pool for a long time even till dark when the frogs swam in the pool!! I was about to jump in till i saw a frog swimming in the water and then i didn't want to!! After that we waited till our dinner.  Popas dinner came first with a whole bunch of curys, daddy and sullys chicken fried rice was next, then mine (an omelet) and when we were all finished Gagas finally came!  

We felt bad for her. But we were hungry.

 Bye everyone. Max