Sri Lanka & missing a bit of home.

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you’re aware that we’re back on the road and working our way through Sri Lanka. We’re lucky enough to be joined again by my in-laws, Dave & Mary.  Travelling in Sri Lanka.  A 3rd world country.  That you’ve never been to before.  With your in-laws.  I’ll just leave that there for a minute while most of you mentally imagine what that situation would look like in your world! ;) Ha…luckily we have an amazing relationship and the opportunity for the boys and their grandparents to spend this kind of time together is spectacular. Last week we were doing a hike (to The End of the World - see Sully’s blog) and I was wondering if 30 years from now I would be able to do or handle what Dave & Mary are doing with us, with my guys. I guess we’ll see.  But for now, it’s been a time having them along for the ride! 

It’s tough to believe that we’ve already been here for two weeks and still have 10 days to go. All three of us have really taken to SL.  We’ve thought of it as a combination of all the good parts of Bali, Costa Rica and Myanmar.  The climate, scenery and landscape reminding us of Bali and CR and the people are as golden as those in Myanmar.  They have such a genuine nature about them. Friendly, engaging and interested in tourists/foreigners.  I guess they’re curious more that anything and just as respectful at the same time.  Getting our travelling legs under us again, that’s important.  It’s made us feel comfortable. And safe.  And because of that, the boys have been able to pick up right where they left off, pre-NZ.

On the other hand, I’ve struggled a bit. I’m in a bit of a funk.

Well, to be fair, all 3 of us have struggled a touch.  We’re still in NZ mode and not fully in travelling mode.  Remembering to sweep a room before we checkout to ensure we haven’t left anything behind (see: voltage converter!), paying attention to traffic as we’re walking on the street, brushing our teeth from the tap…the types of things that came natural to us throughout SE Asia.  Yep, we’re a little rusty.  But quickly getting our sea legs back.  The struggling I’m talking about is more of a mental thing.  I’ve been in a bit of a rut since leaving NZ.  I was expecting it.  I mean COME ON, how could it not be a bit of a downer leaving there?  We had the most special time with the most amazing people, so I knew things would be tough for a bit. However, I wasn’t fully prepared with how to deal with it.  And I’ve also found that I’m missing a bit of home for the first time. I miss my friends.  The easiness of Dartmouth Crescent. Hanging with fun adults. Dating.  March Break at Beaver Valley ski club is very cool & chill and friends were posting great shots from there.  Spring is in the air back home and that’s always a fun time of excitement and expectation, too.  So there’s all that. And naturally I’ve been feeling a little lonely.  Not in an, "I'm sooo lonelyyyyy" way, but in the kind of boring way.  Widows/widowers/only parents/single parents will get what I mean.  The boys are in bed at night and then what?  At home there’s lots of distractions to keep me occupied.  Here.  Not so much.  Unless you count the geckos on the wall or the different choruses of stray f’n dogs barking...all…night…long.

I’ve reached out to a few friends I count on and they all responded with their own special take and spin on things. And all their words were fantastic and appreciated. And I know, and am very aware, that I’m living an adventure that I’m lucky & fortunate to be on, and that this will pass.  I’ll get through it. We will. 

Yesterday I took a huge step forward in getting there.  Huge.  Our friends the Williams (from Oakville) showed up here in Sri Lanka!  Jenna, RIch, Luke & Richie.  The same family we had our “surprise” meeting with way back in September at Manly Beach, Australia.  They’ve brought with them a breath of fresh air.  And a much needed taste of home.  We spent the entire day with them. Meeting at 7:30am, hiking up Ella Rock, listening to the boys talk about Minecraft, Minecraft and even more Minecraft.  We had some Mojitos, Sri Lankan specials and left our restaurant well after 9pm (crazy late!?).  The boys slept over at their guesthouse, tucked into their devices and drifted off to sleep.  It was a great day and night.  Much needed, with lots of laughs, stories, thoughts and well...Minecrafting.  And the best part? We get to do it all again tomorrow.