Horton's Plains

Hey everyone it's Max!

Today i’m going to talk about Hortens Planes which is a ten kilometre hike so i’m going to get started so at first I was sleeping and daddy woke me up at five in the morning which is quite early for me.

I lade down till daddy rimanded me that we were going on a hike and to get dressed so i did. Daddy was probably surprised because I put on a long sleeve, long pants and a ski jacket. After I got dressed I had to get packed up and put my stuff in the van and daddy told me that it was going to take one hour to get there but that we also got to watch the sun rise.  so we got all our stuff in the van and we drove off and daddy was right the sun rice was beautiful! When you look at the trees they were brit orange and it looked like it was Fall and a couple times jay told the driver to stop so he could take pictures!

Once we got to Hortens Planes we were all going to hike except for gaga because of her sore knee. at first I thot that just me, daddy and sully were hiking but later I found out that popa was coming! We started down the steps which where tiring but we were lucky and there were a hole bunch of trees for shade. Well we were lucky when we were hot but not when we were cold!! we soon found that it was a forest and there was a sign that said that the trees in the forest collect all the heat they can so it’s really cold.

Later we got to mini world’s end which is a big view but not so big compared to world’s end because world end is two times the size of mini worlds end!  We started to walk again and sully started to run and it took jay and popa like two  minutes to finally cach up!  We started to run again well me and sully did and when we got to the top of world’s end me and sully waited for daddy and popa but it only felt like one minute because the view was so beautiful and when we left me and sully sprinted a head again! We pertented we were army troops and when we go to the water fall which was cool because you could see the stones the water fall was on.  

Then when we left and we shortly got back to the van.

bye everyone.  Max 

p.s Hudson Sawyer Mel and Bruse see you in Franse!!!