Minecraft Mania

Hey everyone it's Max.

Right now I'm just about to go to bed but like an hour ago I was playing minecraft!

Me and Luke were on a team and Sully and Richy were on a team. So when we all spawnned we started mining the wood and Richy found a pumpkin and he wanted to make a snowman. Later Luke found coco beans which made cookies and Luke found watermelon and I started making a hole and I got lucky and found iron on the top. so me and Luke desided to split the iron. We each had iron boots and an iron sword and later we both got iron helmets and when I got an iron chestplate we duplicated it!  We both had an iron helmet, iron boots and an iron chestplate.

After Luke billt a different house and when I was coming over to Luke, Sully saw me and came up from behind me and killed me. 

Then Luke came out and killed Richy and then Sully killed Luke and the battle ended.


ps. Sri lanka has been awsom!!