Sand boarding in the desert!!!

Hi it's Max and right now I'm in Dubai.

Yesterday we went on a desert tour and we went on the best roller coaster ride ever. Well it wasn't really a roller coaster, but it sure felt like one!  We were in like a 4x4 and we figured out that they had to take some of the air out of the tiers for some more grip on the sand. So once we got out in the sand we hit some crazy bumps and sometimes I thought we were going to flip over! Sometimes we got so close to the sand we would have if Daddy was driving! 

Once we got to the camp I was excited to get sand boarding (not as good as snowboarding) so when I got there I saw Sully try and he was going nowhere all he was doing was staying still when I when I ran up sully asked me to help him which I wasn't youst to at all. So when I told sully to go on a steeper hill cause first he walked on his track second the track was to flat it's as barely on a slant. So when we went back to the camp the dancer from Egypt he was like a magishon he had two bamboo plates and in the end he had seven plates and he was spinning in circles holding all the plates together after that the belly dancer performed to be honest she was facing the other way. When we went back our driver tried not to hit any bumps so it was kind of boring and we for got the driver had taken out some of the air out so he refilling the tiers.

ok.  that's enough for now. BYE GUYS!