Last of the Philippines...

Posting the last of our Philippines pictures and videos.  It was pure paradise for us and the perfect tonic, post-India.  We spent 10 days in Boracay having a much needed (for me!) vacation within our adventure.  Originally I was only planning on staying for 5 days, but ended up extending it for 10 because it was that great.  The beaches were white sand and the water was crystal clear.   We finished up our time in the Philippines spending almost another week on the remote island of Apo.  The power was only available for 3, 3 hour periods each day.  And we were able to snorkel every day with turtles, clownfish and water snakes.  Our last day, we made a special effort to get to a town called Oslob to swim with whale sharks…the largest fish in the world.  We needed to be there by 11am, b/c they don’t allow any swimming post-12pm.  So we were up at 5am and after 2 ferry trips (in the pump boats), a walk through the Zomlonguiti market and 3 different tuk-tuk rides, we arrived in time.  And it was all worth it.  Definitely a highlight for each of us. 

Finally, I want to send a really huge THANK YOU to our friend from Vancouver, Araceli…our time in the Philippines wouldn’t have been nearly as fantastic without her help!  I met Araceli when we lived in Vancouver.  She and Jane were in the same Kitsilano Mommies group with Sully and her son, Alexander.  Araceli has family in Palawan and it was her Aunt Brigitte who allowed us to stay at the beach house right on the water.  She also gave us a bunch of advice on what to do and where to go (suggesting Apo Island as a perfect place for the boys to explore).  Filipino people are some of the nicest and most genuine people we’ve met on the trip, they truly have a heart of gold.  And Araceli is the perfect example of this.  

Boracay - White Beach

New hair, don't care!


Snorkelling with turtles, clownfish (Nemos!) and Whalesharks!