Oh my. 

Before we left on the trip, the boys and I talked about a few things.  One being, how choked they were we wouldn't be able to do any skiing this year.  We’re members at the Beaver Valley Ski Club, a few hours north of Toronto.  It, and our amazing friends there, play an integral role in our winter fun and we knew we would definitely miss the skiing and the people.  So I made the boys a deal.  I told them we would go somewhere while we’re travelling and ski.  Originally my idea was to ski in Chile.  We were going to spend time there, as well as Bolivia and Ecuador.  But I realized that most of the activities I wanted to do were outdoor and strenuous (ie. trekking in the Patagonias) and Max might not be able to handle that.  It wouldn’t be as much fun as I’d imagined.  More work for him and stress for me!  So I took South America off the table.  Then I thought we could ski in Japan. But soon decided that it was too expensive and too out of the way to get there.  I was stumped. 

And then a light bulb went off.  Exploded, really.

Dubai.  We could ski in Dubai!  In the middle of the desert.  INDOORS!  Of course we could!  Included in the lift ticket is all your rental gear, snowsuits, socks, and helmets.  For 2 hours the boys got a small taste of home...and couldn't have been more excited!

From the Philippines, we had to start making our way back to Canada.  Yes, with a little over 2 months left, the end is in sight.  We're all feeling many emotions (and I’ll write about those later).  Since we’re meeting our friends (the Powell’s) in the south of France for a week around the middle of June, we need to start heading that way.  A logical hub is Dubai.  Plus, I’ve always wanted to visit this man-made city of extravagance.  So now is the perfect time. 

And it hasn’t disappointed. 

We’ve spent time in the desert, 4x4’ing though the red dunes. And sand boarding down them.

Went up the tallest building in the world. The Burj Kahlifa at 830 metres almost 300m taller than the CN Tower!

Explored the city, the man-made islands and marina. 

It truly is an international city with people arriving and living here from all over the world.  Only 10% of the population are Emirates.  We’re on our way to meet up with some friends of friends for the next few days (Thanks Melony!) and they’ve been kind enough to host us in their home.  They have 3 kids the same age as Sully & Max, and the boys couldn’t be more excited.  Kids to play with!

And I’ll be happy to enjoy some adult conversation.