Ski Dubai and our new friends

Hey guys it’s Max. 

Right now i’m in Oman. But I’m going to talk about us SKING IN DUBAI! When we were in our hotel room and Sully found out about a place called ski Dubai so we asked daddy if we could go to check the price’s and daddy said maybe (which youshuly means no!!). We were walking in the mall and daddy saw a clothing shop which cowinsadently was right beside the skiing place. So when me and Sully went to check the prices it was like ahundred dirhams for me (Sully was classified as an adult) and Sully was two hundred dirhams. So daddy said he would think about it (which youshuly means no!!). The next day Jay told us we could ski!!  But he wouldn’t because of his back (which I sort of believe because why douse he ski in the winter and not In Dubai?). Once we got redey me and Sully headed out. When we got into the cold I got reminded of home because it was so cold!! Once we got down a hill Sully said we would go all the way to the top.

So when we reached the top it took me like a minute to get my board on then we hammered it down the hill. Then when we took the chair lift up Sully saw a j-bar so he said to go there. Once we got to the top we turned the other way and we stopped half way cause that was where the j-bar was so when I tried I almost fell then I tried again and again and again.  I rocked the snowboarding in Dubai.  It was one of my favourites.  Ok, I think I’m done

Daddy’s making me write some more. 

I'm still in Oman but right now I'm going to talk about Dubai and our new friends. So let me get started. We just finished our bout tour and we took a taxi to are friends and once the taxi driver dropped us off we went up and rang the doorbell. When the people came for a second I thought it was them but then something told me they weren't so I stopped and Jay asked if the man was Joel and the man said no!! So we asked if this was street number three and the man said no this is four! We walked down to street three and this time Deb came to the door. Followed by Oliver and Will then Joel once they showed us our room Immie came in too. (Remember we had no clue who they were) and we talking about terraia and Will showed us the moon lord who is the best terraia boss ever. Later that day Sully asked Jay if he could download terraia and Jay said yes so. when I tried I put that password I new and it didn't work so I tried again and again and it still didn't work so I asked Jay to try and it didn't work for him so I tried restarting the password and Jay needed to tipe three questions about himself and that didn't work so I just played Clash Royal.  

Later I saw they had a hoverboard!! I asked Ollie to teach me how to use the board so when I got better I did everything on it so when it was time for bed we got changed and went to sleep I slept horribly bad because there was something to blow the mattress up so it was barely blone up. The next morning the other kids had to go to school so we went to a mosque in the capital of the UAE, called Aboo Dabby. So when we got there it was huge one go the biggest and best mosques I've ever seen. It took like fifteen minutes to walk around and on the way I saw a Tim Hortons and went to it for the first time in three quarters of a year! Once we got to the mosque I was surprised that it was so big when we got in I could see it was like fifty me's tall and five hundred me's wide and when we went into the prayer hall Sully pointed out that there were tissue boxes all around the hall. 

Ok I’m done now.  Bye