1000’s of temples scattered throughout the countryside. That’s the draw to Bagan. I told the boys when we got to Bagan that we would rent a scooter and do some cruising.  I wasn’t comfortable doing it in Bali and tuk-tuks were everywhere in Cambodia, so Bagan it was.  Well, we had a time.  All 3 of us on one.  It only topped out at around 50km/hr, but that was plenty for us novices. Bagan was all about sunrises and sunsets.  Up at 4:30am, 3 days in a row to chase the sun and then back to the hotel for breakfast.  The afternoon was spent exploring on the scooter, then finding a good spot to watch the sunset.  

Next day, rinse and repeat.  I’m not a photographer, but man this place was a photographers dream.  Stunning scenery.  





Mount Popa - A buddhist temple that sits on top of a volcano plug, 2500 ft above sea level.