Nyaung Shwe & Inle Lake

3 days of bike rides, boat rides, hiking and hot springs.  

Our days here let us see and experience floating villages and the infamous Inle Lake fisherman (who expertly balance on the front of their boat with one leg while paddling with the other.  Allowing them to keep their hands free to cast nets and rods. Its like watching a ballet).  We got lost on a bike ride and came across a family playing and swimming in their rice fields.  We couldn’t understand each other, but they let us stay and made the boys necklaces out of lilly flowers.  And the snake.  See Sully’s entry.  But it was slo-motion nerve wracking



Floating Villages

Biking, boating and other sights

Eventually our stay had to end and we took a 9 hour bus to Bagan.  The buses usually stop every 3 hours to have a break and eat.  And this is where I could see the boys were getting used to travelling and just taking what comes.  The ‘restaurants’ we stopped at weren’t anything like Canada.  Open air, dirt or concrete floors.  And flies, everywhere.  But they didn’t once complain or bat an eye.  It was just accepted and that’s where we ate.