salt & pepper!

Hay yo everyone it's Max's tenth blog so a special episode's comin' on tonite.

One day in Kampot we're walking down the stairs of our gest hawse and we wait until are tuc tuc driver comes to pick us up to go see the caves, salt fields and the kampot pepper fields.  But l am only writting about the salt and pepper fields. Finally the tuc tuc driver came and we went to see the salt. it was great and I picked it up and saw if you grined it it would be great with Daddys BBQ stake and potatoes! Next we went to the pepper fields and I personally thought the pepper would have been browny gray but it terns out that the pepper is green wen it is growing!! After we went to the shop where the pepper is actually brown but it was not pepper it was PEPPER!! I thank a person named Brian who told me about that saying.

Oh, and poppa Dave that's another saying to add to your list of sayings.

Also poppa why do all the cows here have boney humps in there backs?

bye hope everything is going well to all of you.

bye again.