From Bagan we all headed to Mandalay (on a 7 hour bus).  After being out in the more remote areas of Myanmar and discovering the countryside for a week, Mandalay was a bit of a let down.  A big, busy city.  The northern capital of the country.  We hired a driver to spend the day with us and take us to many of the attractions outside of the city.  Our favourite part of the day, we stumbled upon completely by chance.  We were headed up to a temple and a lookout point over the city.  As we were driving up the mountain, we passed many novice nuns and monks who were playing, just outside of their school.  We told our driver to stop, so we could get out and see of we could visit the school.  So happy we did.  What a cool experience. The school had 2000 students and 60 teachers.  We met and spoke with the principal (who was very keen to speak with Max & Sully) and he allowed us to wander about the school grounds, take picture and even have Sully and Max participate in a grade 4 english class.  The best!! 

Temple at the top of Mandalay Hill

Mahagandhayon Monastery - We watched over 1000 monks get ready to eat lunch.