little red sparks

Videos.  Also, 'Grumpy-Dad' makes an appearance in these!?  3 days of Jay being sick, with no sleep or food will do that.  And the boys playing with fire surrounded by 1000's of people?  That, too.

Hi it’s Max

Today I’m in a country called Thailand and I just woke up from a festival called the yee pang festival. Two night’s ago we went to a parade quite far away so wen we got there we were so tired and it was so packed but eventually we found TWO spots only! Then there were sine’s and people.  After that they came in with a large budda! then since it got to packed Daddy said ‘lets go’. So it seemed like forever till we finally got back to our hotel and jdaddy said to go to bed so we went and got our pj’s on and went to sleep. 

Wen we woke up we went downstairs and had brekfast and played games wile daddy slept.  At night wen it was finally dark we went back out on the street and bot three lanterns to lite.   the first one daddy forgot to video sully so he bot a new one and sully set it off.  then I set mine off.  It was soooo cool.  and the fire was hot!  jay did not want to do his so me and sully lit his off his and wen we were walking back daddy wanted to try so we bot one and walked in till he found a spot. then he said he didn’t want to so me and sully lit it off…AGAN!!! It was so much fun. 

I think I should go bye.