Petra - Rose Red City

Ok so seeing as how Petra is an archaeological sight it's bound to be a little un-pristine but it's pretty close to being all rose red Colorado! I'm not gonna write about what we did there but I'm just gonna describe it.

So we got into Amman (capital of Jordan and pronounced Ah-mon) Jay rented a car from the airport and then drove right down to Madaba (what the Jordanis call a 'small' town of 170k!) and stayed for one night there. Before going to bed we drove to Mount Nebo which is a mountain overlooking the land where Moses died. The Holy lands.  It has AMAZING views! We could even see the Dead Sea from there!

The next day we packed up and drove to Petra but before doing so we ate some shawarma (popular food in the middle east) and they are SUPER delicious! We drove past the Dead Sea on our way to Petra but we didn't have enough time so on our way back up we will go! When we arrived in Petra we dropped our stuff off at La Maison Hotel Petra (La Maison is French for The House) and then we headed down to Ancient Petra (once a thriving city!) which had been abandoned since the 6th century earthquake and rediscovered in the late 1800's.

We first made it into what I call the Stone Corridor. That goes on for like 1.2km and then you arrive at what is called the Treasury.  You can just stay there or decide whether you're gonna go back or continue on. We decided to continue on of course, because we wanted to see as much as we could before the light faded away (the park closes at like 6:30pm and then reopens for Petra By Night at 8pm) so we decided to try to hike up a big hill to a stone carving and once I got in there I started making some really cool echoes like snorting out my nose with my pointer finger blocking both my nostrils (not UP them!) and it makes a really cool sound!

Eventually, we started hiking back and we saw so many camels and mules and horses crossing the path! When we got back to our hotel Max and I were very disappointed because Jay said it was too late to go on Petra By Night with him. So the next morning when we woke up he showed us some pictures. To be honest it wasn't that great. Even Jay said that it wasn't that great so we didn't miss anything. Until 2pm we stayed in the hotel researching (I am planning Greece) and the reason for that is because Jay had read somewhere that the shadows were in your favour when you hiked up to the monastery (1111 steps!).  It was supposed to be cooler then, so that's what we did! At times it was hard and at times it was easy but the show at the top was worth it! There was this guy on top of the monastery who was climbing all over it! I was very tempted to get his autograph! I was also really afraid that he would fall. The views up there were amazing! The climb back down was much easier because we were going down! At the bottom we got a mule to ride on and the price was 2 for 5JOD (1JOD=$2CAD) which is the price I recommend you take. We rode the mule all the way back to the Treasury and then walked the rest of the way. When we arrived at the entrance/exit there was an ARMOURED ARMY VEHICLE there! It wasn't a tank because it had no guns so it must've been a troop transporter!! The next morning I went downstairs and did 14 pages of math! I'm now only 52 pages away from finishing! After that we started to get packed up and I wrote this Blog! We are going to the Red Sea tomorrow! Apparently the water is CRYSTAL CLEAR!

Can't wait!


P.S. On Terreria once I'm ungrounded I need to summon Ocram! Anyone (kids) know how?