From Red Sea To Dead Sea

Well then. Jordan. Amazing views. VERY friendly (maybe friendliest?) people. Snorkelling spot. All those have been checked off on our list in Jordan. But still, we haven't seen the Dead Sea. It's the climax of our trip to Jordan. I was wondering 'Will it be like the Dark Cave in Vietnam? Or something different?' because I didn't know much about the Dead Sea.

When we got there, we payed the $40 total to get in for the day, then we ran down to the Sea. When I first got in, I crumbled some salt under my toes (the shore is made up of hardened salt) and then I was waist deep in the Dead Sea. It's pretty amazing. When I lay down in the water there, my feet came right up instantly. You can't sink, unless you put your head underwater, but your feet will stay up on the surface of the water, so you won't go down to the bottom of the Dead Sea. I also heard some people joking that there are really great shipwrecks at the bottom as well! I decided to defy the rules, and I licked my finger after putting it in the water. It was SALTY. The Dead Sea is 5.2 times saltier than the Pacific/Atlantic, so it was like eating 200 McDonalds fries at once! I decided to go even further, and I took a BITE out of a piece of solid SALT on the ocean floor! It wasn't disgusting, it was SALTY AS (as our cousins would say) and my mouth was burning for about a full minute, and I was unable to talk for like 3 seconds. Once I could talk though, I dared Max to follow in my footsteps. Then we decided to start putting on the mud. My skin has never felt so smooth, as smooth as...there isn't even an object. It was like I'd dumped oil on my skin, or grease (lightning!), and I could slide my hands across my skin like I was skiing across snow with freshly waxed skis. Or, for you hockey players, skating on ice with newly sharpened skates. The Dead Sea is a place you have to go, at least once in your lifetime. Whether on the Israeli side, or the Jordanian side, go there. Gogogogogogogogo there. 

It's awesome.


P.S. We've got only a week left in Greece! Can't wait for France