Is()Real Mayhem

We made it. After about two hours of driving, and four hours of getting through customs, we got into Israel. Max calls Israel, "Is Real", so that's where I got the title. By the way, after we went to the Dead Sea, we stayed at Moab Land Hotel, our Madaba base of operations since we landed in Jordan. There, I got first on, a new game that's a little bit better than so try it out! I recommend getting the double (twins) gun first! Also, in the Dead Sea, the book I was reading is The Siege. Israel is crazy hard to get into, but once you're in, you never want to leave. Or at least, I didn't. We stayed at a place called The Post Hostel (we hadn't stayed in a hostel since Bondi YHA) because it's right above the post office of Jerusalem. The plan was to get into Israel for two nights, because we were running way short on time. We had tons of fun there, and I really recommend staying for, like, a week or more. If we had've stayed longer, Israel would probably be my favourite country so far. One other thing about that. I'm vetoing out France as a favourite country, as we are meeting the Powells there (for those of you who didn't know that), and so it may be my favourite country because of that.  I only want to list the countries that we were there on our own (Australia, NZ and Sri Lanka still count though), and the Powell's will influence my decision (by, like, 100 positions upwards!!!) and so I don't want that to happen.

Israel was a nice break from the hustle-bustle of Jordan, and there were even entire streets that had only trains on the roads (like those crappy red cable street cars at home, except much, much, more modern) and so it was so quiet on the streets! We went to the Western Wall (where apparently you can talk to God, just by touching the wall) and we saw the Dome Of The Rock, but it was closed till 1pm, so we couldn't go in. We also explored, but sadly, we couldn't see much because of our time limit. Once again, if you ever visit Israel for leisure, stay for more than a week! We only saw parts of the Old City of Jerusalem, but it was pretty cool. I got some stares wearing my Omani cap (I think it has something to do with Islam) but I shook them off. I've shipped it home now, along with my Cambodia hat (the last one we have!), so I don't lose it. Nicole somehow got it in two days! I really loved Israel, and I hope to come back sometime!

Greece is next!


P.S. I'm on page 316 in math!