Red Sea road trip and getting grounded.

Wow. Driving through Jordan may be strenuous (for Jay) but not for me! There are so many cool sights we saw along the way and lots of valleys and meadows and mountains and scenic villages that we saw, too! Jay said they were some of the most beautiful sights that he's ever seen! When we arrived near the Red Sea we could see Israel (where we are planning on going soon!) just across the water! It looked more developed than Jordan and I wonder why? Sure Jordan isn't among the major oil countries but it has a major tourism industry. Israel though, does too. Weird.

Also, before we get into the story, I'm gonna say something. I've started writing a book!!! I'll post it once we are out of Jordan (Greece!) ok?   Mr. Sylvester (Neil Flambe author), can you please give me some tips? My book is not about the trip though. I've already written 28 pages in my school notebook.

Anyways...Red Sea. It looked really clear when we first got there just after lunch time. So we were all excited and stuff. We became even more so when we found out that Jay had booked a triple room! We unpacked, and then Max and I went to get some hamburgers. Once we were done, Max and I went on our iPads for "RESEARCH" on the Red Sea. Then Max went on iMessages (which he wasn't supposed to do!!) and texted Tao and Kalum, (though I just want it made clear that none of this was their fault.) They replied (at 5:30am Toronto time) and Max FaceTimed them. When I heard them talking, I FaceTime'd Tao. While I'm doing that, Max gets an idea to ask Jay if we can play Minecraft (or any other game with them) and goes to ask Jay. Jay says yes, and we start playing!! Eventually Scott (Kalum and Tao's Dad) wakes up and Kalum plays Heroes? Or was it Magic? Whatever. Kalum and Scott start playing that and leave Max alone. I'm battling foes with Tao, oblivious to all of this. We're having a great time and (as all you kids know happens when you play video games) we TOTALLY LOST TRACK OF TIME!!.   Max went inside our room at one point (the WiFi only worked near reception) and started playing Terreria all by himself. Eventually, Jay came over to him (as he told me) and looked over his shoulder for a second. He asked Max "Are you playing with your friends?" to which Max replied "No." Then Jay snatched the iPad out of his hands and (again, as Max told me) growled like a bear "Go get Sully." Max did. I asked him what's up and he said to come with him to our room. Knowing that the WiFi would cease, disconnecting our FaceTime, I say bye to Tao and then walk with Max to our room. Upon entering I say "Hey, Jay!" to which he replies "DON'T 'Hey Jay' me Sullivan!" and, knowing I'm in trouble, but not knowing why, I clam up. He says "You guys were playing for THREE HOURS! That's THREE HOURS!" I made the face 😱😬 because I'd of course, had no idea. So then Jay continued to rant and eventually got to his climax, grounding us for the rest of the trip. Considering it's only two months my first thought was 'Meh.' even though I was disappointed at having let Jay down by not keeping track of time. My second thought was 'Crap, my friends!' and thinking along the line of friends, I remembered 5 SPECIAL FRIENDS who are coming to meet us in France!!! I remembered how much I wanted to play Minecraft with Hudson and Sawyer (and maybe even Zuzu) and how long I'd been looking forwards to this and wanting it to come sooner. My face changed from 😬 to 😔😠 in like two seconds flat. As if reading my thoughts (or face) Jay said "Yep Sully, that includes France and even researching." Suddenly I was thinking about the Blog and how I would have to hand write my Blogs. Which is exactly how I've been writing my book. But anyways, Jay was ranting, Max was near tears, and I just stood there, dumbfounded. Then Jay finished off with a "I cannot believe this. We came here just to go to the Red Sea, and you've been playing on your device for 3 hours.  What a waste." I, (remembering the Red Sea) raced outside yelling "I'll be right back!" over my shoulder. I headed to the reception and they told me that we still had 2 hours of sunlight left! The sun goes down here around 7pm.  Telling Max and Jay the good news, I jumped into my swimming shorts and dashed outside to the reception. While I was waiting for Max and Jay, I looked around me for something to do. I found this book called 'The Siege' by Ismail Kadare. (an Albanian author, and I plan to give it to you, Hudson, once I'm done with it.) When the rest of the crew appeared, we got into our car and drove down to the public beach. Max and I got right in, and we were quickly disappointed. Maybe it was just that visibility was poorer late in the evening, or we had too high expectations, but we didn't like the Red Sea. I would recommend skipping it, as the pictures must've been artistically taken, or at least the ones that we saw. Tomorrow we're going to the Dead Sea! Hopefully it'll be better! Oh and by the way, Jay gave us a chance to unground ourselves if we start "acting better and more responsibly" So hopefully we can play in France with you guys!

Dead Sea here we come!


P.S. My best is like 8000-ish, and I got it while playing with Tao.