Ok. It's about time I talked about this!!  It’s the coolest thing ever!!

We Are Savvy is a TV show that I am going to be on. TV!  I know, right?  It was hard to keep it a secret, I’m so EXCITED! 

We Are Savvy is a show about 3 girls a little bit older than me who do the coolest things together.

Jay’s friend Jeni is the producer of the show and she saw some of mine and Max’s videos at the beginning our trip.  I guess her and her TV helpers liked what they saw and thought it would be neat to have someone on the show who could check in from all over the world and show the Savvy girls what activities they were doing.  Well, obviously that was easy for us!  

I’ve done 10 or 11 sessions for the show and only one session airs per episode but I don’t think I’m in every show. Jay just told me that the episodes are going to start airing on FRIDAY JULY 1ST AT 6:30pm on THE FAMILY CHANNEL and every Friday after that!! Unfortunately we won’t be home to watch the first few, but the really, REALLY cool thing is that I’ll be able to watch all the episodes on the internet as they’re being shown there, too.  So if you, YES YOU, can’t watch them either, you can see them on the internet. 

You can also go to their youtube page and subscribe (I already did) to see their cool videos and they have an instagram account. (although I don’t have instagram yet, Jay won’t let me.) 

Luckily I got paid for all of this and I'm using the money that I earned for Harvard (which is where I'm going to Law School).  Now I can start saving up. I really liked the whole TV thing (although I’m not sure Jay enjoyed filming as much) and am hoping on doing some more when I get back because 4 years at Harvard costs A LOT of money.  But Jay also said there are scholarships.  Wait, this is about WE ARE SAVVY!!  We Are Savvy was sooooo awesome to do and it's what introduced me to surfing! On some of the other episodes I also went zip lining in Laos with Savvy and I also brought Savvy along to the Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand and parasailing in the Philippines. 

Well that's all really! Thanks Jeni and the rest of her crew for having me on the show!! 

Here’s the youtube site:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI4dlSLLLdYqfHb77ejR_Zg/videos

Here’s the instagram site: @wearesavvy

Here’s a link for more info: http://www.dhxmedia.com/newsreleases/family-channel-celebrates-girl-power-premiere-new-series-savvy-july-1/

Savvy out!!